Home Energy Adventure

With winter bringing colder weather, electricity costs are increasing.
We know that saving energy means saving money, and having an energy efficient home does just that.
That’s why we released the Home Energy Adventure. 
Take the Home Energy Adventure tour below to learn about how you can save energy and money at home today!



OKIE811 is a safety and damage prevention program designed to promote public awareness, provide a communication link between excavators and operators of underground facilities, and to eliminate potential hazards posed to excavators, the general public, vital underground facilities and the environment whenever excavation is done.

Your Meter

An upgraded meter system has made an appearance to SEC Members. It is called a TWACS (Two-Way Automatic Communication System) meter. A step up from the current "Turtle" system which allowed for one-way communication, a TWACS meter allows for two-way communication between the connected home and the co-op. This new "Smart Meter" technology provides for a quicker response time when problems arise.