Central A/C Rebate Program

Central A/C Rebate Program

NEW 2017 Central A/C Replacement Rebate Program:  [Residential] 

Tiered Schedule pay-out not to exceed $350.00

Tier Schedule:

Tier 1 – Replacement Units:  15 SEER Minimum, <30,000 BTU @ $250.00
Tier 2 – Replacement Units:  15 SEER Minimum, >30,000 BTU @ $350.00

New homes do not qualify

Request the 2017 Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Application – (For Air Source)

The Rebate Application Form and all supporting documents must be submitted to SEC’s Marketing and Member Services office by November 30, 2017 to be eligible

Questions:  Call 580-745-9463 or e-mail Kevin!